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Lightning exhibits random and unpredictable behavior. Over the continental 48 states, an average of 20,000,000 cloud-to-ground flashes have been detected every year since the lightning detection network covered all of the continental U.S. in 1989. In addition, about half of all flashes have more than one ground strike point, so at least 30 million points on the ground are struck on the average each year in the U.S.

Objects can be directly struck and this may result in an explosion, burn, or total destruction. Or, the damage may be indirect when the current passes through or near it. Sometimes, current may enter a building and transfer through wires or plumbing and damage everything in its path. Similarly, in urban areas, it may strike a pole or tree and the current then travels to several nearby structures and enters them through wiring or plumbing.

Surge Protectors are the best defense to save your appliances during a lightning storm. If a lightning storm arises and you do not have surge protectors be sure to unplug computers, microwaves, tvs and any other electrical devices that are plugged in to the outlet.


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