The Ten Greatest Websites

This site is the best.  Get rid of 99% of the telemarketing phone calls.  Political and charity organizations are exempt.

All about homeowners insurance.  Learn how a homeowners insurance policy works and how much coverage you need.

Do you get those credit card letters in the mail that say you’re pre-approved for a loan?  I get at least three of them a day.  Now there is a way to opt out.

More important than you know.  Learn all about life insurance and the different types of plans available. 


The Apollo Alliance

Three million new jobs and freedom from foreign oil.

The credit bureaus are now required to provide one free credit report per year.  This is a great way to make sure your report is accurate before applying for a loan.


Saving For College

Learn how to save for college.

Stay current with up to the minute news.

Are you insured with one of those companies where you have to push 547 buttons on your phone and wait 6 days to talk to someone?  This site is all about finding a local agent to work with.


Sierra Club

Explore, enjoy and protect the planet!





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